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Things to Consider For An Outdoor Kitchen

Posted in: Hardscaping

Things to Consider For An Outdoor KitchenRenovating even a small portion of your home’s kitchen can make your home more attractive and comfortable, and it can immediately raise your home’s resale value. Building an outdoor kitchen can have the same effect, and it may raise your home’s value even more than an interior remodel can.

Before you add an outdoor kitchen to your Columbia home, there are some Hardscaping things you’ll need to consider. Your home’s design and your family’s lifestyle should be major factors in some of the decisions you’ll have to make concerning the design, and our Columbia Landscaping Company at Niedergeses Landscape can help you ensure that the design is perfect for your home and family.

Here are a few things to consider when designing your outdoor kitchen:


Your Landscape and Home Design

Your new outdoor kitchen should match the rest of your landscape, as well as your home’s architecture. Think about how much space you can stand to lose from your yard, your garden, or other hardscaping elements, and how much space the kitchen your designing will take up.

Outdoor kitchens will definitely provide a lot of enjoyment. But it’s important to consider whether yours will take too much away from your landscape or garden. Consider how much space you’re willing to let go, then keep that in mind as you design your project with us.

Also remember how your home looks as a whole. Our landscape designers can help you match colors, bricks, and materials so that there’s an aesthetic connection between your outdoor kitchen and your home’s design. We can also help you design a kitchen that takes up less space.


Your Budget

Outdoor kitchens can vary in price based on the different features you want to include, but you could easily spend anywhere from $8,000 to $20,000 or more. It’s not always a cheap job, so you do need to carefully plan out your budget from the start. If you can, it’s great to leave yourself as much leeway as possible for anything unplanned that occurs.

You certainly can build a great outdoor kitchen on a limited budget, and you don’t need to go all-in in order to succeed. The key to any great landscape design project is careful planning and creative design. Our professionals can work with nay budget or timeframe.



A water of gas line that runs to your outdoor kitchen will be a major convenience. But it’s not always easy to install these kinds of things, and it’s even more rare that it’s inexpensive. Trying to fit them into your design can also bring up a number of other problems.

While you’re developing your initial design ideas and concepts, you should definitely take plumbing into account if it’s something you’ll want to include.

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