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How To Showcase Your Home With Landscape Lighting In Columbia

landscape lighting in columbiaHave you ever driven down a dark neighborhood street and been glad there’s no stop to make there? Even really nice houses in Columbia, TN can look creepy if there are no landscape lights to illuminate the property.

Perhaps you get this same spooked feeling when you go outside your house after dark. And maybe you’ve figured that it’s time to do something about it so you’re exploring ideas for your landscape lighting in Columbia.

Well, we’re glad you’re here because our pros can help you figure out how to showcase your home after dark. Not only do you need proper outdoor lighting to feel more secure, installing some will help to highlight the great exterior features of your home.

Even a tiny concrete block house with metal window awnings can look amazing after dark with the right lighting options from an expert Columbia landscaping company. There are many to choose from that provide different effects in order to highlight and secure a home. So here are some options you can think about to plan your new landscape lighting design.

Figure Out Where Your Home Needs Outdoor Lighting

The first step you’ll want to take is to figure out what parts of your property need lighting. A lot of homeowners are taking note of the exterior work that needs to be done before winter right now. This is a great time to take a walk around your home after dark and see where the property needs additional lights. Landscape lighting in Columbia affects not only the security of your home, but it adds elegance and a welcoming ambiance.

Do landscape lights need to be installed to brighten the entryway? Is your driveway completely encapsulated in darkness? How about your backyard, can you easily enjoy it at night or are the snakes and critters free to creep up on you?

While you are looking at your property, also take note of the architectural style. What are the interesting features that you would want to highlight? Are there any statues, stately trees, fountains, bird baths, or garden areas? Do you have a really lovely front porch or deck that could be highlighted? With the right type of outdoor lights, these features can be enhanced even more.

Showcasing The Architectural Style Of Your Home

Outdoor lighting can play up the architectural style of any home. In the example we mentioned above, up-lighting and spotlighting can be installed to highlight the main entry of any house. All you have to do is place it to shine upward toward the porch and front door area. Or, you can place the new lights to highlight a pretty birdbath or fountain that sits near the entryway.

Downlighting can be installed around the edge of your roof to cast a beautiful glow. It is also very useful to light up a driveway, so placing it at the garage serves both purposes. There are also architectural lights that don’t have to be used until there’s a special occasion. And then there are party lights that you can leave in place and only use for an outdoor party.

Lighting Up Pathways & Sidewalks

Any additional lighting you install along pathways or sidewalks will increase the safety of using these areas after dark. However, landscape lighting in Columbia offers more than that. Lowlights or low-voltage lights that are placed along the front sidewalk add dimension to the brighter lights of the landscape. The best sidewalk lights are installed rather than stuck in the ground because they always work and are made of sturdier materials. Solar lights don’t work when there is too much shade and they don’t last as long.

Landscape Lighting Design

Not everyone has the knowledge and the ability to design a good outdoor lighting scheme. If you live in Columbia, TN professional landscape lighting design service is available at Niedergeses Landscape. If you don’t, it is worth it to find a local landscaping company who can help you figure out the best design. Not only will a professional be able to highlight and enhance your home after dark, they will be able to tell you all about the different landscape lights and which would be most useful to you.

If you would like to learn more about showcasing your home in Columbia with landscape lighting, please call Niedergeses Landscape at 931-388-9058 or fill out our online request form.