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Benefits of Getting Fall Clean-Ups For Your Columbia, TN Yard

Posted in: Seasonal Cleanups

fall yard cleanupThere are many different ways we need to take care of our lawns and landscape plants. Fall Clean-Ups are one of the tasks we need to get done here in the Columbia, TN area before winter arrives. Otherwise, the icy landscape will freeze all the sticks and leaves in place, making our yards and homes look like they never recovered from Halloween!

To help our Columbia customers and other local homeowners understand why getting rid of the debris is so important, we wanted to put together the following information about the benefits of getting Fall Clean-Ups done. If you need help this year, don’t hesitate to call our Columbia Landscaping Company!

Fall Clean-Ups Help To Control Insect Infestations Both Indoors and Outdoors

Fall Clean-Ups help you to control insect infestations both indoors and outdoors. Treatments work better because you’re removing the insect’s shelter.

If a nice bed of leaves has formed in your yard, all you have to do is lift up the edge to see all the creepy crawlies who have taken shelter under the debris. Be prepared to see any number of different insect types, from water bugs, worms and snails, to centipedes, roaches, termites, and grub worms.

When a yard is covered in leaves and debris, it usually stretches from the trees all the way up to the foundation of the house. All that debris is allowing a variety of insect infestations too near the house, making it easy for the problem to extend indoors.

Removing Yard Debris Helps To Prevent Plant Diseases

In addition to harboring insects, lawn debris also harbors plant diseases of all types. The spread of tree diseases, turf diseases, shrub diseases, and various plant diseases is the problem. Decaying foliage offers the moisture and sunlight protection many lawn diseases need to thrive.

By removing the debris with both a Spring and Fall Clean-Up, your grass, plants, shrubs, and trees won’t be exposed to the spread of diseases.

Your Lawn Looks Fabulous After A Fall Clean-Up!

Needless to say, your entire landscape will look much better after the seasonal clean-up is done! Plus with no obstacles in the way, your property will be prepared for fertilizing, insect treatments, the final mowing for the season, and mulching, all of which should be done before winter.

Fall Clean-Ups Remove Obstacles That Can Cause Accidents

It may be hard to imagine how Fall Clean-Ups can prevent accidents, but not for those unfortunate homeowners who have been sued for something as minor as a broken sprinkler head. All it takes for someone to trip and fall is one fallen stick that winds up poking up out of the ground. After the debris is removed, your yard will be safer for those who have trouble getting around, such as your elderly parent or a guest’s toddler.

If you are needing your yard cleaned up this fall, then please call 931-388-9058 or complete our online request form.