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It’s Spring Cleanup Time for Your Columbia Landscape!

Posted in: Seasonal Cleanups

Landscape Spring Cleanup Services in ColumbiaIt won’t be long before it’s past time to get your landscape and home exteriors cleaned up if you live in Columbia, Tennessee. Spring cleanup for your landscape is important for many reasons other than aesthetics.

When Fall and Winter are over, you’ll have a lot of debris that gathers around your home. The longer you let it sit, the more problems it will cause. Not only does it look bad, but debris left on your lawn and around your home will decay. The following are some good reasons you’ll want to have your Columbia landscape Spring cleanup done.

When leaves, dead tree branches, and other landscape debris is left on the ground, the winter moisture and Spring humidity levels will mix with the debris as it deteriorates. If left on the ground, it begins to form mildew under the top layer. This mildew helps to break down the debris, turning it into soil over time. Mildew will thrive in this condition when it starts to warm up.

Not only does mildew love your lawn debris, but insects thrive under that top layer as well. Insects also help to break down the leaves, branches, and other organic matter.

Another reason you’ll want to have your lawn debris Spring cleanup done is when the debris covers your grass, it will mat the grass down, compacting the soil. When the weather warms and moisture is present, the grass will try to grow but if the roots of the grass grow in unaerated soil, it can die off. For this issue, you’ll need to dethatch the grass if you expect it to stay healthy. The grass roots need space to breathe in soil that’s not too tightly compacted.

As lawn debris gathers, it will land in places that can ruin your building materials. Wood is especially vulnerable to rotting organic matter. If you have a wood deck, you’ll want to be sure to keep it clear of debris so the sealant and wood underneath last as long as possible.

Debris gathering around your home’s foundation will only draw in insects that will find their way into your home. A covering of leaves will harbor all types of creepy crawling bugs. From roaches to ants to centipedes, scorpions, and blister bugs, the last thing you want is to let those little creatures take over your Columbia home.

Cleaning up the debris in your yard will get rid of all the issues that rotting organic matter can cause. With a good Spring clean up service, your lawn will be put in tip-top shape, ready for another healthy growing season.

Niedergeses Landscape offers seasonal cleanups for your Columbia landscape. We can come as often as you need it, not just for Spring cleanup. We can help you with landscape designs, help you take care of your plantings, clean up your property, mow, dethatch, and any number of other lawn care¬†chores you don’t want to do yourself.

If you would like to learn more about Columbia Spring Landscape Cleanup, please call 931-388-9058 or complete our online request form.