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Dickson Landscaper You Can Rely On

Dickson Landscaping CompanyYour home is one of the most important parts of you and your family’s lives, and it’s very important that you’re able to keep it in excellent condition—both inside and out. At Niedergeses Landscape, our professionals can assist you with any services you need in order to make sure that your lawn, garden, or landscape are comfortable, attractive, and functional parts of your home. Whether you need a brand new landscape design and installation or just irrigation and maintenance service, our professionals will provide you with the highest quality work and craftsmanship possible.

Our landscapers have been providing services to home and business owners in the Dickson area since 1995, and our company has continues to grow in that time from a small, one-man operation into the full-service Landscaping Company we are today. We work directly with each one of our clients during every project that we work on, and we can guarantee your 100% satisfaction with all of the work that we provide. We understand how important your landscape is to your home, and we do whatever it takes to make sure it’s always in the best condition possible.

Call your Dickson Landscaping Company today with any questions you have about the services we provide, or to schedule your appointment, and we’ll be looking forward to working with you.


Dickson Landscape Design and Installation

A new landscape design is one of the best ways to enhance and improve any home, and our professionals can guarantee excellent results.

All of our projects begin with a discussion with you about the new landscape design and your specific goals for the project, after which we’ll design a new landscape that is perfect for your home, your tastes, and your budget. We’ll offer you our Dickson Landscape Design advice and opinions, but we’ll make sure that you have final say in any design decisions. After all, even though we’re expert landscapers, you’re the only expert there is when it comes to your Dickson home.


Dickson Hardscaping

Hardscaping additions can be a great way to add distinction to your landscape while also providing it with higher functionality. Hardscaping projects could be as simple as the addition of a fire pit, or they could be as complex as a patio or a fully functional outdoor kitchen, and no matter what kind of project you’re looking to work on, we’ll be able to handle it from start to finish.

We’ll design the new Dickson Hardscaping installations with you and make sure that they’re a perfect new addition to your Dickson home. We’ll match any stones or pavement so that your hardscaping additions are an integral part of the rest of your home and your landscape.


If you are looking for a Dickson Landscaping Company then please call 931-388-9058 or complete our online request form.


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