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Columbia No-Mow Grass For Low Maintenance Lawns

No Mow Grass ColumbiaMaintaining a hillside can be a difficult part of keeping your landscape attractive, but the professionals at Niedergeses Landscape have a solution for any hillsides on your Columbia property. Nature is filled with hillsides that don’t require mowing, and our professionals landscapers can provide you with a thoughtfully designed hillside landscape that you won’t need to mow and that will be a vibrant focal point of your home’s landscape. A number of beautiful plants can be established on your hillside that won’t require supplemental watering and will be able to resist pests and disease.

Other than plants, Columbia No Mow Grass can also be installed to create a low-maintenance lawn. Our landscapers will work with you to determine the perfect addition to your landscape and your home. And as always, our Columbia Landscaping Company will guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of the work that we provide.

Columbia No Mow Grass present a solution for the conscientious gardener to reduce their carbon foot print and help establish more sustainable landscaping practices.

What is a No Mow Lawn

No mow lawns are usually a mixture of three species of fine fescue. Fescues have a lot of aesthetic appeal, and they require very little care. They can provide excellent solutions for water conservation, and they can reduce the need for pesticides and herbicides in your Columbia home’s landscape.

Some Advantages of a No-Mow Lawn Include

  • You won’t need to tear-up your existing lawn to plant no-mow grass. The seed can be applied to your landscape at any time of year.
  • This new grass will take over your lawn very quickly, and after that it requires very little maintenance.
  • No-mow lawns will drastically reduce the amount of water that you use to maintain your Columbia landscape.
  • No-mow lawns can minimize chemical usage as well, which is very environmentally friendly.
  • This grass will only be able to grow about 2 to 6 inches, and it naturally grows to the side, which gives it a neat experience.

Other No-Mow Options

Mowing on a slope is a difficult and frustrating task, but so is watering, pruning, weeding, and dividing on slope. So it’s important that whatever you choose to plant on a hillside is able to grow with minimal attention after its roots are established.

Our professionals can help you navigate through your various options for plants on a hillside at your Columbia property, and we’ll make sure you find the perfect plants for your landscape. Depending on the specifics of your lawn and your home, there are several different methods we may use to install a no-mow hillside, and our professional landscapers will be able to find and execute the perfect strategy for you.

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